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Staring on Monday February 13, SMD Automotive will start a campaign that will run indefinitely for the purpose of reducing the emissions of the automobiles and light trucks in Whistler and surrounding areas. This is a completely voluntary campaign and all results are kept confidential. Vehicles that do pass the test will have the option to display their accomplishment via a small bumper sticker that we will provide if they so wish.

The test is a basic idle emissions test. It is designed to single out vehicles that are producing excess emissions under the most basic circumstances. In most cases we should be able to give repair recommendations and estimates free of charge which will most likely involve regular maintenance procedures (dirty air filters, lazy oxygen sensors, dirty fuel systems, overdue tune-ups etc…). Coincidently, these same maintenance culprits that cause excessive emissions, all contribute to poor fuel economy. It’s virtually a “win, win” situation, you save money on fuel costs and potential unexpected breakdowns, and we all benefit by having a cleaner environment. However, there are many other complex systems in vehicles fuel and ignition management areas that do effect emissions greatly, although not as common a problem. These systems require more time and skill, as well as specialized diagnostic equipment. We do these services as well, but will be subject to fee’s which will be quoted accordingly on a per vehicle basis.

Please call for an appointment, or if you are already coming in for any other type of service we will gladly include this inspection with no prior notice. Everybody is welcome to take the test and should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. This test is free of charge and there are no obligations after it is performed, other than your peace of mind and contribution to clean air. We challenge all Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish residents, to bring their vehicles in and be a part of the solution and not the problem. Let your vehicle be a part of the one tonne challenge. We are in this for the good of all.

Equipment and Commitment

SMD Automotive is committed to improving our air quality by continuously upgrading and keeping with latest in diagnostic technology. We have recently purchased emission analyzing equipment (five gas exhaust analyzer) for the sole purpose of our “I CARE about OUR AIR” campaign. Training our staff on a continual basis on the use of this equipment is a very important element, because as is true with so many different fields, ”the equipment is only as good as its operator”. A key link to making this work is personnel. 1) Do they know how to use it, 2) Do they care and take pride about what they are doing. We believe that we do have this winning combination.

Along with the testing equipment, we must also have the equipment to repair, diagnose and/or service the vehicles in question. We have recently purchased a smoke detection unit used to locate fuel evaporation system leaks, which lead to unnecessary hydrocarbons in our atmosphere. It is also used to detect intake leaks which could cause a number of unwanted emissions. We were first to acquire fuel system/ de-carbonizing cleaning equipment and now have upgraded this equipment to the latest generation model to keep pace with newer vehicle fuel systems by using new, more efficient cleaning techniques. Clean fuel systems (injectors) and combustion chambers play a key role in reducing emissions. Our vehicle computer interface tools (scanners) are the best on the market and we keep them as current as to when the manufacturer releases the updates. We are utilizing pc based scanners as well to enhance our perspectives, as well as the latest in component testing equipment (sensor specific oscilloscope).

One of our most valuable pieces of equipment is information; we subscribe to four major companies databases, two of which are manufacturer based manuals, wiring diagrams and TSB, s (technical service bulletins). The other two are online databases that provide us with information from “hands on, in the field” diagnostic procedures and repairs from other technicians around the world.

Are facility and equipment are second to none, rivaling many new car dealerships.
Coupled with our staff that live within our community, we are committed to making our home and environment a better place to live.

Please call or email for more information about this program at SMD Automotive.